With School Dismissal Manager the school you imagine can start today.

No more juggling notes, emails, calls and text messages to dismiss students. At the end of the day everyone knows who is going where and when. Teachers can teach and parents can take charge of dismissal instructions even late in the schoolday with a click or two.

How It Works

Designed to be Easy for Everyone

Since we began this movement over 10 years ago, we've designed SDM to be easy for you, your parents, and your teachers. Parents use phone apps to give dismissal instructions. Admins use screens that are simple and consistent, Teachers get an email report at the end of the schoolday. Everything runs on the web so no special hardware, tags, photo galleries, or software to install or maintain.

Our dashboard gives your administrators everything you need at a glance.

Parents Love It

Simple phone apps allow parents to specifiy dismissal instructions in seconds. They can make changes until the time limit you set. All changes are automatically sent in email reports to teachers at the end of the day.

Parents give clear dismissal instructions with just a click or two.

Teachers Love It

At the end of the day, teachers receive an email report that shows exactly where each student is expected for dismissal. Any questions? Show parents what they specified and when with the Parent History Report.

Teachers get everything they need at the end of the schoolday.

Car Line Solved!

Flexible FastLaneTM car line tools work with just about any school setting. Multiple buildings? Front-office check out? Car line zones? We handle it all. Students can be called from classrooms or from holding areas. FastLaneTM knows which children go in each car. We have schools that process over 350 cars a day with ease.

Check in for parents takes seconds and the children are on their way!

World Class Support

Our support staff has experience setting up hundreds of schools and can help you get just the right fit for your school. We won't let you fail.


Why wait? Now is the time to act!

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